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October 30, 2007




If you would provide your contact information, I will have our PR firm get in touch with you. We have planned for more screenings across the country - the PR firm can talk to you in detail. If you prefer to email us your contact information, go to www.2mminutes.com and click on the 'Contact Us' button and submit your inquiry.

Thanks for your interest!


Fascinating. When will the film come out for pubic viewing? Will there be other screenings elsewhere? Interested in a high school screening in a suburban northeast setting? Would love to arrange it!



It is indeed exciting to see this amount of press coverage and news in the 'blogosphere' even before the film comes out. Had I know this was going to be half the phenomena it has turned into, I probably would have at least cleaned my room before we started filming.

The discussion has been started; and though online discussions are not always known for their civility, it's a start.

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