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November 14, 2007



Boost your career
Taking courses online is also a great way to be able to do the class work on your own time rather than have time obligations and requirements for each course. It is now possible to have a fully booked life and go to school with ease. Also, you will want to consider all the money in gas you would be saving by not having to commute to school on a daily basis………….
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Online instructional program

Online degrees sound great, and many universities are building the technology to offer distance learning programs. Yet, some universities still require you to use other mediums to obtain your online degrees besides your computer. Some programs require you to use video or telephone conferencing that are less effective. The best online degrees are earned from universities that are fully taught online. Being fully taught via the internet also means that you should look at online degree programs that are taught by qualified professors. Many online programs only hire local teachers………….

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"A student from a South Korean family pointed out that many Asian students just party once they hit college because they're so burned out."

I can't help but notice - most American students do the same thing whether they're burned out or not.

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