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December 09, 2007



Bob -

Good interview! Let us hope KQED puts this on the air.

One correction - you make a reference to "# of Green Cards" - actually, the restriction is on the "number of employer based temporary VISAs" - referred to as "H1B" visa. The US congress had lifted this limit around the Y2K to about 135,000 H1B Visas. But in the last few years, it has fallen back to the 65,000 H1B per year. As a result, many foreign nationals decide that that odds of getting a H1B is slim and leave US after their education.

Companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Google have been lobbying the Congress to lift the 65k limit permanently, but that is being lost in the maze of 'immigration' debate. The net result is that - America is losing talent.


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