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February 23, 2008



I didn't see the fox news interview, but I am wondering, did Bob yell back? I know a lot of people complain about Fox news, but I rarely hear about people DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT ! i.e. yell back at the person who is interupting them, walk off the set, or create such an uproar that the other news stations carry coverage of the uproar. What usually worked in our school years was to be so humiliated and embarrassed by the teacher, that we quickly changed our ways. Do you have a video of the interview? I would like to see it...


I enjoyed Fox News at one time, but I see them taking a left-hand turn. You did deserve respectable treatment and I'm sorry you didn't. Have you considered Glen Beck?

I enjoyed the interview this morning on CSPAN and found it very well presented and put in a global prospective that was very thoughtful. I saw the families in the story as the main common denominator, will you do a follow-up presentation on the family unit?

Thank you!

Charlie Breeding

There's always a risk when interviewed "in being taken over." However, two points that I'd provide: 1) Get media training; you have to be super-assertive with people like this interviewer, Greg? whom I've never heard of (perhaps your experience is one reason I & others don't tune to his show), and 2) Because one interviewer is not really an facilitative, professional journalist, don't label the whole channel's cadre of as similarly of the same cloth.
Suresh, that might be synonomous with throwing out the baby with the bath water as this exposure and visibility helped your cause, in light of the unfavorable experience. Keep up the good work!


Is there a video of the interview anywhere?

Rob Proctor

You guys are being way to kind about FOX. Most of us just refer to FOX as the "Fascist News Network." There is no real intention of providing news in the journalistic sense at FOX. Rather the raison d'ĂȘtre with FOX is to use news and news talk as a cover for a sophisticated fascist propaganda operation - one so devious it would make Joseph Goebbels blush.

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