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March 12, 2008



Having worked in both China and India I have been screaming this for years. My wife is a school psychologist and I have many K-12 educator friends in various states. I used to work for an old navy SEAL who said "you can fool the fans, but you can not fool the players" I believe we have been fooling ourselves for years.

While I do not want to live anywhere but the USA and dearly love my country, have served my country and now work in the federal gov, I do believe the big differance is that in China and India there is no gov. there with a safety net. You sink or swim and as said in Caddyshack "the world needs ditch diggers to" is something understood. In this country we simply do know how good we have it. I lived and worked around New Orleans when Katrina hit. It was like the final chapter in a bad science experiment in that there was a very large population who had been taught for generations that the gov will provide. There was a very corrupt system in place for many of the state and federal programs, people were well aware how to scam the system but like clockwork good old government had always been there. There with just enough free cheese and crappy housing that many simply sit back and waited for the tit of gov to sustain them. When Katrina hit it was suddenly simply too big for gov to properly respond to and we all saw the result.

In China and India they have major earthquakes, flooding, and monsoons, depending on where and for the most part it goes un noticed, why.....2 billion and counting and the world needs ditch diggers to. Sad but true.

It all comes down to being hungry and wanting more. The fear of failing is real when you have no real social program/s to keep you afloat. It is amazing what you can do when you must.

Forget the politics and look for reality. Highly trained, highly diciplined, highly motivated, and willing to work. Oh yes, most are not looking to be on American Idol. Many on Idol will tomorrow be working for them as they slowly buy up the movie and music business.

My prospective may not be agreed on but at least it is based on being in the countries and traveling extensively around the globe as part of my business.

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