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April 20, 2008



These two statements are not contradictory. One is a comment about absolute levels the other is about relative levels. In absolute terms the greater productivity of India and China will benefit Americans, by providing us larger markets for our goods. In relative terms we will not seem so much higher than them. This does not strike me as a problem. If an exchange is mutually beneficial than it does not bother me that the benefit to the other party decreases the inequality between the two of us. Another person's benefit is not necessarily my detriment.

Bob Compton Comments:
You are right, the economy is not a zero sum game. However, the corollary to your statement is also true - another person's benefit may be to your detriment at times, if you have not found other ways to remain competitive or found other markets. Witness what the rise of the Japanese auto industry has done to Detroit.

Morna Crites-Moore

"I think the Chinese and Indian threat to the American economy is a myth. I have been convinced by economists who argue that the more prosperous they are, the more prosperous we are, since they will have more money to buy our stuff."

What stuff? We have nothing to sell anymore! Supposedly, our export was going to be our expertise - which is exactly what this movie is about: the downward spiraling abilities of our population.

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