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April 21, 2008



Being "well rounded" is too vague of a term and can't really be measured as easily as a specific skill or topic, like math/science/etc.

As gas prices continue to rise, people will begin to work from home simply because it costs a lot to go to work. When you have people working at home, and they're working remotely, what does it matter if the person is well rounded or not? What matters in the end is getting the work done. Getting that work done is measurable, and that's where having a strong academic background is important.

Note: I'm not saying being well rounded doesn't matter, but rather just that you need to keep a balance of everything, and not let being "well rounded" turn into an excuse for avoiding academics.

Elizabeth - You make some good points, but the one place I have to question you is on creativity. From what I've seen, engineers are some of the most creative people I know, and if they don't know how to do something, they can quickly learn. The problem solving skills you learn in engineering can apply to just about anything at all. My point is that we need the problem solving skills in everything. If the US opens up to allowing more immigrants, and places a stronger focus on schooling, I think we'll have a shot at maintaining our competitiveness.


My cousins in India are extremely well-rounded... Whenever I go, they're always up for a game of badminton, soccer, or most often, cricket. Their secret is that they do with very little sleep. They come home around five, then homework, and then...play. Dinner is at about nine-ish. They spend lots of time out with friends, and are very independent. Going out to movies is a BIG part of their life. However, the difference between America and India is that the sports are not provided by the school. There they encourage study more than anything

Just a seventh-grader's perspective. :)


I thought you would be interested in an article posted on PEHub today "Coming Soon: Nontrepreneur Nation" (http://www.pehub.com/wordpress/?p=2334). The author notes that his historical confidence in what he believed to be our unique culture - with its emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurship - is waning due to emerging Generation Y characteristics.

Elizabeth Orozco

I personally agree that Indian and Chinese students are strongly capable of doing more with their lives specially when it come to adaptation. They smart enough to work with any type of cituation that would help them succeed in life. In the other hand American students are high cualify in sports and creativity but that is not going to take all of them to a better future. Education is what is going to take us to have a better future and we need to prove that as Americans we can more and know more than others. Prove that we are highly cualify to do math, chemistry, biology, etc. I really admire all of those students that have the capacity to learn so much information and know so much about life.

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