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May 10, 2008



I can assure all Americans that India/China are never going to be threat to American economy because the moment this happens America will invade them. simple!

Bob Compton Comments:
Please get real. India and China both have nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles and very large armies. It would be a global nuclear holocaust, wiping out all three nations.

And we would declare WWIII all because we didn't study math and science as hard as they did? Please...

Lyng Wong

Mr. Compton, one critical thing that was ommitted from your documentary and the conversation you had in the KUOW (Seattle WA) radio show this morning that that this "soft" education has been perpetuated by the Colleges of Education in the US, which has advocated the mile wide, inch deep education. I am a member of Where's the Math?, a grass roots math advocacy group in WA State that is working very hard to change the math education from much of the damaging educational "reform/progressive" teaching methods they have been promoting [yes, those terms should give you a clue about how fuzzy those teaching methods are].

These damaging teaching methods are not just wrt. math, they are also being used for science, social science, literature, etc. It breaks my heart to know that so many academically able children are being subjected to this type of educational propaganda. I had to pull my children out of public school this past year because I was so frustrated by the school district and state.

Thank you so much for your work to bring this situation to light. I wish you much success so that our children will receive a more academically rigorous, and meaningful education.

BTW, you might be interested in reading the following research by Dr. Levine regarding the poor quality of many of the Colleges of Education awarding higher degrees (Prof. Levine’s assessment that many College of Ed. Ph.D. programs should be closed due to shoddy requirements and the awarding of Ph.D.s to students with lackluster research abilities and experience. (http://www.townhall.com/columnists/DrMatthewLadner/2007/10/30/cash_cow_stampede_colleges_of_education_not_up_to_snuff?page=full&comments=true ).


Bob Compton

Apoorva - you are lucky you sent this after you returned to India :-) Remember it is a long life, a small world and I will get revenge :-)


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