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May 25, 2008



As a fairly successful product of the education system in India I have to say Obama is right in identifying the problem and way off-base on the solution.

Indians that do well academically (and not all of us do well), do so because of a culture that values education and parents that then push their children to exceed.
And yes - unrestricted school choice.

Obama's proposal to "pay our educators what they deserve" is socialist rhetoric that will strengthen the Teacher's Union and achieve little else. And how exactly does his administration plan to bring about a "change in attitudes among parents and students"?

Global competition will force improvements. No government program will.
Documentaries such as "2 Million Minutes" will begin changing attitudes.
School choice will vastly improve quality.

If there is one thing I have learned about the American people as an Indian that has lived in the US, it is this - Americans adapt, learn, compete and excel.

Obama is against the one thing that the education is trying to do right - school choice.

William Steding

Mr. Compton:
You have done an extraordinary job of raising awareness of educational issues in America and, while I have some nuanced disagreements with your analysis, I view this issue as a keystone issue for America's strength and durability against a landscape of globalism that continues unabated, changing world order as we know it.
I would like to suggest it's time for phase two: comprehensive solution development than produces policy-formatted resolutions for the 44th president...followed by phase three: driving implementation.
I believe the uber-democratic social networking model used so successfully by the Obama '08 campaign provides a construct for moving forward.
You have opened America's eyes. Now, lets drive a solution to fruition.

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