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June 05, 2008


Perry Bezanis

June 16, 2008 To: letters@latimes.com
Mitchell Landsberg
Robert Lopez
Subject: Today's, June 16, 2008 latimes: Two Million Minutes Of Students' Lives (and) A Plague Of Illegal Dumping

These two articles on seemingly different subjects are, nevertheless, related by consequences of war although different initial conditions. To begin with, Afro-American poverty remains an unabating environment of ignorance, 'poor studentship' and trash -add now to that, cheap immigrant labor.
That said, the two World Wars and the Korean and Vietnam wars were followed by two distinctly different economic environments -those of the relatively unaffected government and infrastructure of forward-looking and developing, media-rich United States as opposed to the 'reconstructing' governments and economies of all other principal nations.
The greater population of the U.S., consequently, has become completely 'spoiled by success' with excesses and continuing turn-overs of virtually everything -housing, clothing, obesity-generating food, SUV's, computers, sports, entertainment, cell-phones, games, you name it -'easy come, easy go' (ergo trash), and all other nations of the world 'wannabe' just like us! So how do those countries do it? They already know how to live by traditionally hardened routines, so all they have to do is add to that what learning is necessary to 'get there' -learning 'We don't have to do'! The man on the street doesn't even know how to read anymore.

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