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August 02, 2008


Ryan M.

Although I believe that the “athletic reform” idea was a bit extreme, it was still a wonderful, yet terrifying, comparison. As dreadful as this may sound our country needs another globally competitive event, such as Sputnik, to re-kick start America. Maybe we as Americans need China to pass us in order for us to realize that we are slacking off.

Joseph Manuel

The Olympics began at a time when muscles were more important.
It is now time to think of knowledge Olympics too



And again proof that sports is more important than math and science.

Track leader not happy with US relay debacle:

"The leader of USA Track and Field said the federation will conduct a “comprehensive review” of the way it trains and coaches its relay teams after the men’s and women’s 400-meter teams each blew medal chances by dropping the baton in Olympic qualifying."
n his weekly blog on the USATF Web site, CEO Doug Logan said he has received a number of e-mails from fans saying the dropped batons in both relays Thursday were “reflective of a lack of preparation, lack of professionalism, and of leadership.”

“I agree,” Logan wrote Friday. “Dropping a baton isn’t bad luck, it’s bad execution. Responsibility for the relay debacle lies with many people and many groups, from administration to coaches to athletes. That’s why, when these Games are completed, we will conduct a comprehensive review of all our programs.”

Chris Baggott

Great post Bob...but where have you been? Have you been swept up in the hoopla of the athletics :-)

Thought I might have seen you poolside at the relay last night.


Excellent point. I've seen more outrage and debate over the fact that the organizers of the opening ceremonies used the "prettier girl" in the showcase spot and not the "uglier girl" who actually sang the song that the other girl lip-synched to. We also seem to care more about whether or not the USA basketball team can bring home the gold after winning bronze in 2004 (oh the horror).

The accomplishments of our athletes should be celebrated-most worked very hard to make the Olympics. There should be as you mentioned equal concern and energy placed on academic achievement, especially in math and science.

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