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September 28, 2008



A fantastic blog site and useful for my academic references. Keep up the good work. More interesting than my recent analysis of financial ratios based on http://www.thefinanceowl.com (yawn!). Anyway keep up the great blogging!!


Juliann Talkington

We would be very interested in participating in the 2 million minute movement. I'm the Administrator of an advanced academic school in Florida that matches its academic expectations to top programs in Asia and Europe (including fluency in three languages - Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish) in an effort to solve the problems you describe in the video. We will likely be opening a second campus in Orange Co. California next August. We start with 3 year olds and gradually move them through the system. We use different teacher compensation and student performance systems than are common in the US. Right now most of our networking in outside the US. Does anyone know of other schools that are trying radical approaches to bring US kids to the same level as the top students in the rest of the world? If so, please send information on how we might be able to make contact?

Bob Compton Comments:

Based on my travels around the U.S., you are way ahead of anything I have seen or heard of.

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