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November 01, 2008


Bill Rao from Sydney

I am skeptical about comments like this:

"It's a ticking time bomb for the U.S.," the former entrepreneur said. "If they [foreign nationals] go back to their home countries, not only will we lose critical talent we need for the future, we will also bolster our competition."

India and China etc., are yet to develop social, political and legal structures similar to those in the advanced European and North American countries. Day to day life in the developing countries is NOT hassle free. I understand some become home sick and want to return. I have met several such people in India. Eventually they want to return to USA or UK or Australia etc. Where do Noble Laureates like Professor Sen live and why?

It doesn't matter where you live because the world has become small due to improvements in travel and communications. USA has nothing fear that other countries will become competitors. Progress depends on ideas no doubt. But inventors flock to places where rewards are more and day to day life is hassle free.

Bob Compton Comments:

Not sure that Mr. Rao from Sydney has founded a high tech, high growth company, but I have founded several. Entrepreneurs flock to where they can raise capital, recruit high quality talent and rapidly build a new venture with local employees.

Capital, Culture, Talent and Technology is where I see new ventures being created. Many places in the U.S. still fit this model, but China and India are rapidly catching up.

America has much to fear about the rise of entrepreneurship in other countries.

Robby Cannon

We still have a little ways to go to be best.



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