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December 13, 2008


Deborah Camilleri

Your statement that "This achievement is all the more remarkable because the school is only 10 years old, has no Foundation or wealthy benefactor and draws its students from Tucson - a city of a half million with 20% in poverty and the average wage 25% below the national average." is misleading and does not refect this schools achievement accurately.

According to your reference (U.S. News and World Report) there are 0.0% disadvantaged students attending Basis. I do not think this school is unique in its ability to educate students who are not overcoming the challenges associated with poverty.

Let's compare apples with apples!!

A greater success might be a school such as Yonkers High school (#37) with open enrollment and 65% economically disadvantaged.


BASIS has open enrollment and plenty of low income students, whom I met. However, the Founder's believe that a family's income is a private matter and should not influence the child's ability to learn.

The school does not ask families about their financial situation and therefore they do not provide it to US News and World Report.

Not that a school would ever do this, but clever, judicious acceptance of a few low income students might be used to boost a school's ratings in US News and World Report.

I know colleges game the US News & World Report rankings constantly. I hope it hasn't gone to the high school level.

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