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January 12, 2009



I'll add my 2 cents here.
I'm from India, studied in Uttar Pradesh Government School. from Class first all the way to B.Tech Computers Science. Currently an Engineer

In High School/Higher Secondary(11th and 12th Grade), if you could believe me, our Govt school students were the Toppers in getting through the Toughest IIT/NIT/Roorkee or any other State/Country level Engineering comp.

In fact I've seen so many Batches at my NIT Warangal collage, coming from very poor/middle class families, but guys believe me they ARE TOP MINDS...GIVEN A CHANCE I WOULD LOVE TO STUDY IN GOV SCHOOL/COLLAGE.

Actually my theory says (could be wrong):

If one is hungry(STUDY/SURVIVAL), one would do anything to eat.

(gov school, where people dont have much money to spend, still i'd my friends 30 out of 70, coming from "very" rich families as well, we only WANTED TO STUDY for NAME/SURVIVAL :-) )

If one is NOT Hungry (Huge Money/Not Willing), one wouldnt eat even if you serve CHICKEN/ICE CREAM.


Nice article.I have read many blog and this is greatest one helpful and informative for me thanks. its really interesting and i like to read it.its gave me grate knowledge.


Krishna Chandra

The description of the urban government run schools in Bangalore is accurate. Every parent in India(even in rural India) tries, to send their children to private schools, and only those that cannot afford it send them to these government schools.

Not all these schools are bad. There are some very good government schools in Tamilnadu( the state i come from ) which have had students topping the state school exams regularly.


Here is the story of a person who stood first in Indian Civil services exam in tamilnadu. He went to a government run school and is the son of a daily wage laborer. Without sounding condescending, i must say it is an example of excellent work ethich and grit.



Nice article Bob, I am an Indian, I found your blog about schools in India interesting!

George Bowser Jr

I like your approach to the school system comparisons. Maybe we will finally wake up AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT, DO SOMETHING ABOUT EDUCATION. But, it does start at home.
Where can I get a hold of the curriculum taught at the Indian and Chinese schools, at the elementary and secondary levels?


Your message is important and you deliver it clearly. I've been following your blog since 2MM was first screened in Palo Alto. What I don't see you doing is getting the message out to the rank-and-file parents of the public K-12 students, and they are the ones who can demand change in academic standards, just as they are the ones who raise funds for the football stadiums, band uniforms and dance team competitions. You've got to get them on-board.

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