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April 12, 2009



What I don't understand is this: if we hire masses of H1B and L1 visa holders for engineering positions (mostly entry level) then why would a young person want to go into engineering? The H1B and L1 visa holders crash the wage scale. I see no reason to take the debt and opportunity cost to get an engineering degree in a non-lucrative field. Seems reational to me that smart kids don't go into engineering.


1- HIGH PAY - The highest paying jobs for U.S. college graduates go to Chemical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Chemistry majors, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Biomedical Engineers - all above $50,000 to start. Every other major starts at a lower salary out of college.

2- CAREER FLEXIBILITY - Engineering degrees show the widest range of flexibility in adaptability to other careers. Education majors shows the narrowest range.

Those seem like good reasons to me.

Kyle S

Politicians (the overwhelming majority of which are are hypocrites) are destroying the United States as we know it - not just in education, but in all aspects of our nation. Very sad.

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