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May 03, 2009


Dan Dage

What did Paul Vallas say about wasting time and money in your first blog in this series? Oh right. Pointless electives.

For the price of ONE active board, each child in that room could have had a Classmate PC with touch screen and each could have played along independently while a flannel graph did what that active board did. AND each would have been engaged instead of waiting for their turn.

Everyone is getting burned here:
- The kids - the class is actually *slower* with the active board!
- The parents - They are totally being mislead in thinking this technology is helping
- Cisco - I can't believe they pumped that much money into the system for *this*.
- This teacher - She really thinks this is hot stuff, and thinks she is showing off state-of-the-art teaching. Where the heck is that technology integration specialist?
-Tax payers - Even with the Cisco donations, there has to be some extra overhead here.

Promethean is the only one I see who comes out on top in this deal.


This builds 21st century skills because they're identifying verbs on a board???

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