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May 03, 2009


Patricia Cox

Hi, I am an administrator in a small rural school. I am a huge supporter of Tony Wagner and his practical choice of educating our society with a common sense approach to the tools of education. I have started my entire student body on a neuroscience program call Brainware Safari, which builds cognitive skills in every area of learning. If we train the mind to learn, then everything else will come more readily. Our next step will be to follow with 21st Century skills. Thank you Tony and many thanks to LEC for Brainware, Sincerely, Patricia Cox, Ed.S.

Al Meyers

Bravo to you, Bob. I am also very involved with the movement to reinvent our education system, and I believe we need to continue to provide cross-cultural examples that validate the notion that our country must make major strides to educate our students or else I have a great worry at what our country's economic position will be like in five, ten, twenty years!

Keep the faith!

Al Meyers, ReinventED Solutions

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