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May 03, 2009


education software

I think this is a very interesting article. It is great that these schools were rebuilt with more technology. The technologies they have are often seen in college classrooms, but I haven't seen them used that often in elementary schools and/or middle schools.

Dan Dage

21st century learning? I don't think so. Yeah, the technology is there, but this is still a fact-based multiple choice format. While the response system allows *some* participation, it is at a pretty minimal level. Heck, many bars in the country had a response system exactly like this networked across the country where people could play trivia against each other in real time--- in 1990!

I think having a touchscreen interface for the kids' controllers ala iTouch would be more 21st century. Then we could have text-based responses instead of multiple choice. How many multiple choice tests were your students in India taking and preparing for, again?

I like your work, and am glad you've helped get this conversation going.

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