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September 19, 2009


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I am kavya studying grade 10 in silver oaks,Hyderabad,India . My principal mam, Mrs Sita Murty has read the book 'Two million minutes' and used to discuss with us the comparative study of education made between united states ,India and china. when came to know about the DVD being released , made us, the students of grade 10 and teachers to watch the documentary on 21st September.it is fantastic and terrific thought of counting 4 years of higher education in minutes.! we had a good session on discussing about the movie and what makes all the three countries differ from each other.we also had discussed about what we Indians can do to improve ourselves.my school, silver oaks has emerged as leadership school where we focus on building the character of a person along with studies.like most other schools in India we don't just have academics but student-centered methodology from IBO,Dr. Covey's seven habits,IB profiles, examples from real life than just from texts and various other policies that make us into good human beings with character and competence. we have also replaced the word 'competition' with 'excellence' where everyone compete with themselves.The documentary was very good and the idea of taking case studies of 2 students from each country is commendable. Yes it is ultimate truth that self confidence is most important than any other thing or in any profession.i believe that the documentary had been made to make the students in US realize that other in the world are equally competing ,so gear up.....but it is more like the Indians and Chinese have to realize the standard of their education systems prevailing in respective countries and the need for change.there is also a statement made that the Americans are already living in the future and the others are competing to follow them. most probably.. hope we have more wisdom people than just skilled.May power lead us.


Kudos to Bob for bringing together Rev. Sharpton and Newt Gingrich on to a common platform to promote an education model that works. I am convinced that the problem we face is neither Democratic nor Republican, but an American problem. What better way to drive home the message than bring together the most ardent advocates of both parties' core beliefs?

I would love to see the trio of Bob Compton, Rev. Sharpton and Newt Gingrich tour the country and spread this very important message. There are too many students, parents, teachers and administrators who are still in denial that we have a crisis in education, and everyone needs to pitch in before it is too late.

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