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November 26, 2009


Sarah Brodsky

Looks like it was a great presentation. I'm confused why you recommend that schools stop teaching French, though. True, it's not so widely spoken as it once was, but nobody speaks Latin either and that's in your curriculum.

John Tomsett

Hi Bob

I was at two of your sessions. I am Headteacher at a state school in York, England, called Huntington School. I have built my career on two mantras - Success nourishes them: they can because they think they can, a quotation by Virgil, and the other is, There's no substitute for hard work, which I have adopted as mine! Our school purpose is to inspire confident leaners who will thrive in a changing world, and your films and philosophy have been refreshing. I now have another mantra, NO MORE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, though too few of my students will know what a LCD is. We are on the verge of making a significant change to our curriculum and we refuse to chase meaningless qualifications which do not educate students or prepare them for the changing world. Study can be difficult, full of rigour AND fun! Thanks for your input - it's been inspiring.

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