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November 04, 2009


Tom Earl

As an educator in Washington state, I am dismayed over the continued trumpeting of charter schools. Perhaps in other states the rules are different but here in WA, students have to apply to get into a charter school and the school gets to say yea or nay to those applicants. I would have stellar results if I got to choose who comes into my classroom, but I don't. I teach the motivated and the unmotivated and struggle daily with how to motivate the ones and not bore the others.

The sad truth is while we as a society pay lip service to how much we value education, our walk does not match our talk. Compounding this is too many of our youth are convinced they can make bank without any real effort.

Every education reform movement is designed to alter the way teachers teach with the implication that it is solely the teacher's responsibility to achieve high results. In my certification process, far more emphasis is placed on cultural awareness and diversity than how well I teach math.

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