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November 18, 2009


ed marsh

the sounds of bangalore sound similar to the sounds of mumbai which I know quite well. everyone with whom i have discussed the 2mm minutes movie has heard my mumbai anecdote of a conversation with a colleague. during one of the trips on which my family (wife, son 12, son 7) accompanied me we were invited to their home for dinner. although mumbai like ny tends ot operate on a hyper-kinetic rhythm (read maximum city http://www.amazon.com/Maximum-City-Bombay-Lost-Found/dp/0375403728) with long commutes and late nights, we were startled that family dinner with their 15 and 8 year old was never earlier than 11pm. when asked why they answered revealingly that after eating the sated children would quickly become drowsy and less focused on homework and studying. the edge which they gained from hunger enhanced their academic focus and zeal. you won't hear that in the US......

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