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November 16, 2009


Suresh Murthy

Hello John - Thank you for your comments. Bob keeps going based on the strength that he gets from comments from folks like you. In the spirit of full disclosure, my name is Suresh and I am one of the co-producers of some of the documentaries with Bob. And I have found many hundreds of parents/educators/investors that make every kind of excuse to put off education or prioritize their child's education. On behalf of the entire film team and the folks that keep pumping to keep it going (as the public face of our efforts) we thank you for your support and inspiring comments. It makes the hundreds and thousands of hours worthwhile!

Thanks again!


It is admirable that you continue to fight for America when the people whom you try to help (and hire) always have an excuse why they don't study enough. You might be able to get some great recruits from West Point Grads!
More West Point info is at http://www.toughestschoolsintheworld.com/

Keep up the good work, and check out the Naval Academy when you can.
Thank You
USNA '87

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