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December 15, 2009



Mr. Compton: Why in the world would you suggest *more* emphasis on chemistry, physics and math? How relevant is this to the lives of most students? I took math through calculus and in the 15 years since my last math class I haven't needed anything more than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Dumping more time into math and physics seems silly to me. Sure, there are plenty of professions that require those skill-sets, but more that don't. Insofar as inculcating the necessary critical faculties, I would argue we need more emphasis on philosophy (within a relevant context), psychology, and the humanities in general - which would serve as a gateway for critical thinking. I think a person who is able to sniff through ideologic BS - Obama's, for example - is far more precious than someone who can who can work out differential equations or molecular weight.

Retired educator in Tucson

Mr. Compton:

"Is BASIS perfect - of course not."

Unfortunately however, you chose to title your propaganda movie "the .. solution". There is a fair debate as to whether Basis offers a solution. There is no debate over whether it offers "the" solution. Your comment quoted above suggests even you have taken a step back which is encouraging. Please drop the political posture and genuinely look into education - starting with, "what are schools for?"

You might like to refer to another visionary principal in Tucson, Mr Robert Young at the International School. His school too offers "a" solution, but it does not claim to be "the" solution.


Question: How do we motivate kids with shitty home lives and kids who parents have a deep-seated disregard of education which rubs off on their kid?

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