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December 10, 2009


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what about the arizona school district cutbacks?

Derek Redelman

This sure doesn't gel with the stories perpetuated among American educators who suggest constantly that the US kicks you-know-what on the creativity front and that foreign educators visit the US constantly to learn how to "teach creativity." So... is this total myth or just uninformed exageration? Perhaps that would be a good topic for a future film? 2MM I touched upon this but it seems like there might be a bigger story to tell. Of course, there is that nagging little problem for the US that creativity is pretty useless without a solid base of knowledge upon which to create...


Shop class might also have been removed from the US curriculum because of:

A) The stigma attached to any class that smacks of vocational training vs. something seen as being necessary for admittance to a university

B) The fact that it is usually populated by males and in many places not available to female students because of perceived gender role stereotypes.

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