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January 31, 2010


biif india

i saw your comment ...you totally right


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Lisa S.

Can you shed some light on the presence of teacher unions in top-performing countries such as Finland, Korea, Canada, and Japan? How can these countries perform so well on international measures when they have unions?


In most Indian middle class families, education is the second largest budget item after housing. Sacrifice, effort and choice add up to tens of millions of Indian children getting a world class education.


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global education

Jo Blacketor

I have been involved with the public eduction system for 20 plus years as a local school board member in an inner city and now for the state department board. I am passionate for education change. Having recently visited India (my husband runs a non-profit there connecting "baby girls," i.e., the infanticide issue to life sustaining resources) I was in awe at the value of education they have. Realizing they don't have the entitlements that our country does so its be educated or go hungry.

There is a great book out there (The Beautiful Tree) that reviews these and your points as well. You may want to link up with its author, James Tulley.

In the meantime, I'd love to have the opportunity to meet with you personally on these topics as well as my day job, consulting to parents on choice options (grassroots advocacy. I'm in Indianapolis frequently and my contact information is below. Please consider and let me know if this might work.


Hi saw your video
I totally agree with your point of view.

I have been looking for your email id, pls find mine attached with this comment.
Looking forward for your email

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