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January 07, 2010



As a business owner who has considered teaching high school, if given the opportunity, the IDOE has informed me of the following caveat "I must pick up another license in education via completion of graduate courses." I refuse to pay $2,000 for the courses; I will utilize those funds to bootstrap another global company.

Miss Suzi

Doesn't anyone recognize that while content knowledge is absolutely important, teaching is not as easy as it seems. One must know how to engage students, recognize useful and wasteful means of teaching, how to teach and assess student knowledge such that it has meaning to students. We have many experts already teaching in research universities across the country, and their T.A's are doing a reasonable job... If you want to teach and you are a content expert, that's wonderful, but don't discount the good teachers who can teach. Teaching and relating to students takes something special. Will we ever find balance in our education system??? It seems to bounce from one extreme to another.

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Incoming teachers will work closely with school-level administrators to create targeted professional development plans to benefit student instruction.


Mr. Compton,
I was given your name from the Panama City Renaissance school. I have been trying to compile a list of all the schools (elementary) that have a Chinese immersion program (public and private). I'm not sure why, but they felt like you may be able to assist me. And any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My email address is mmurphy@themurphyfamily.net and I can be reached at 216-702-6556. thank you - mark

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