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January 07, 2010



What's the attribution for Shanker's quote? There are ENDLESS false Shanker quotes floating around.

He might've said that, but I'm doubtful.


His quote is not out of line. His job is as the union president for teachers. It would be unethical, and probably misappropriations, to place students interests above teachers.

As to the rest of this blog: To be frank, I don't see anything of substance in this blog entry. It just seems to be a propaganda piece against unions. No substance.

Kenneth U. Campbell

Do not forget the unbelievable arrogance of education professors! This inept pendulum we seen to be forever complaining about has its origins at the top of the ivory tower.

Children do not need facilitators! They need well trained teachers!

Kenneth U. Campbell, author, Great Leaps

Robert Clegg

Hi Bob;

I'm founding the Million Student March to combat the stalemate between the government and the teacher's union. If teachers can strike to enforce their power, why can't students? In fact, if students strike, the schools lose their funding and there go the teacher's contracts. The strike doesn't have to be a sit out, it can be a sit in where the kids just refuse to take the tests. Funding models are based on test performance.

This would bring a new force to the negotiation table. They, both the government and the teacher's union, have forgotten who is actually the customer.

Would love to collaborate with you on this. It's starting as a social networking game so we can unite all students online. The resulting social network and technology foundation become a network for innovation, application sharing, and content development. It then gives equal access to all.

Let's talk!

Su Zi

Race to the Top, as it is interpreted by Florida DOE, is testing, testing ,testing. This reduces classroom time to test prep only. Anyone familiar with the concept of multiple intelligences understands that only one type of intelligence tests well, and that children who possess intelligence that does not test well are humiliated and punished by endless remediation. Federal educational guidelines have a variety of ways states can apply funds by implementation of educational enhancement , but many states are taking the lazy way out via testing, which provides easy data. Do not be fooled by misinformation. Teachers' unions want to have rich learning experiences for all children, not the system of tyranny many states are adopting in their haste and avarice

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