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March 29, 2010


Suresh Murthy

Bob - Was Indiana a victim of this? Tony Bennett went from we are going to make it in the second round to, well, we just don't have the support to sudmit for the second round.

This is a grand application - everyone is on equal footing as far as I can understand. Can we get Tony to explain in Public why he pulled Indiana out from the second round? This is shameful and astonishing.

Sarah Broel

Wow! Could you take one sentence out of context any worse? You should explain that the teachers are NOT screwing the students, they are opposing the new and, stupid I may add, idea to pay teachers based on test scores of their students.

I 100% agree with this video and I find it appalling that you would state "In other words, screw the young people of America - Teacher's come first. Unbelievable what these Union presidents say and believe. Well worth watching." without, apparently, understanding what you watched.


It was interesting to read several of your comments relating back to Albert Shanker and recent comments from Bob Shanin. There are certainly teachers whose primary interests lie with their own working conditions and salaries. However, the majority of educators are dedicated to and striving for a better education for their students. It may appear that the union leaders represent all members, but I have often found that the most vocal and most disgruntled faculty members do not represent the majority. Unfortunately however, I have also found that the more industrious, professional teachers do not voice their opinions and do not challenge the vociferous bullies.

Al Meyers

This is astounding! I think the guy running the teacher's union in Easton should take a look at what he said and see if he can actually live with himself and also be able to say that he is thinking about the best interests of the children.

Thanks for highlighting this, Bob!



But taxing the states and then blackmailing them unless they cave to federal ideas is somehow in favor of the students? Come on, there's two sides to this game. By your logic the union's should do whatever the holders of the purse strings want them to do - in other words, be a hoar.

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