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September 30, 2010


Tracey V

Sadly, things will not change until the masses value intelligence. Basis works because there are no prom kings and queens, volleyball teams, football championships, distractions, distractions, distractions. Things that support and shore up the idea that being famous & making money because you are pretty is programmed into the psyche from Pop Warner on. Parents support these things because of the design; these concepts bring parents and students notoriety. During my daughter's graduation ceremony, the Teacher of the Year (Calculus) was given 5 minutes to speak. What'd she say? She raved about the state football championship, the regional baseball championship, and the volleyball team. Not ONE mention of anything academic...no kuddos to National Merit kiddos, no mention of math kids who impressed her, nothing. If I had been the parent of a high achieving 4.0 student, I would have gotten up and walked out. Change the value system and the rest will come. This is the reality. LOVE what you are doing.

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