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October 16, 2010


Bob Compton

Only 7% of the private sector workforce is unionized, down from 20% in the 1970's.

By contrast, 34% of government workers are unionized. Is government such a scary employer?

Most private sector employees have learned how to represent themselves and to be flexible in a dynamic world economy.

I cannot name a single U.S. unionized industry that is globally competitive and growing.

I would argue that U.S.and European airlines are going to go the way of GM and Chrysler - into bankruptcy in the face of global competition. Driven there in part by the unions.

M Waid

My husband is a pilot, represented by a union, does that mean he is not a professional! In any situation, a union is there to communicate for the worker, professional or otherwise, who is not given a voice in decisions made on their working conditions. Teachers definitely fit that category.


Teachers WANT to be viewed and treated as professionals (ie "education, experience and paid according to ability and performance"), but they are unfortunately treated as laborers (ie "undifferentiated compensation"). Anyone in the teaching profession on the salary ladder will tell you this...

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