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November 02, 2010



Wait a second! You have no clue Bob Compton of true enrichment! Most suburban parents in most communities are busting their asses to enroll their children in art, music and dance classes that provide a well rounded educational outlet. Arts, as an enrichment, produces creativity and innovative.

In my hometown, the top entrepreneurs had art backgrounds - not business, science, technology as one would have thought! One of the RICHEST, brightest individuals (cashed out with $25 million at 25) studied studio art, then learned how to write code, and founded a very well-recognized company.

The problem is that most individuals, can't think, can't innovate. Why? They are not getting a true, good education. They are just taught to the easiest thing. Copy, paste, repeat. Oh wait, that is the Chinese way! Read the book "Made in China" and realize we don't want to compare ourselves to China.

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