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December 18, 2010



Parenting is the problem. I have an online grade book where I work and contact parents regularly about grades. They are usually unaware of their child's poor grades. They usually ask why their child is getting a poor grade. I usually have to answer that he has failed to do homework and prepare adequately for tests. Both of these things should be done outside of the classroom. The parent had more than enough time and resources to take the child to strength and speed training a couple hours a day, or drive them to club sports for 15 to 20 hours each week.... But was unable to spend the time investing in skills and habits that would inevitably be useful in the future.
People thought I was crazy for how I treated my step-son. He came here in
second grade unable to speak English. I spent 3 hours, 6 days a week helping
him with his studies at the dinner table. By the mid point of his second year here,
he was earning B's. For the past few years he has been nearly a straight A student
in higher level courses. Who is really crazy? My son and I for spending time
together on something important to his future, or those who my son has surpassed
while their parents carted them around to sports.... Or those who thought they were being such good parents by allowing their children to be out of sight and quiet with video games?
Parents need to show they care through their own actions, with their on children, in their own houses and support the education that we provide at school. Until this is done and the attitude about school and education in our society is changed we are likely to fail.
I could go on with many more examples of the failures of the American parent and the American born student. I won't though. We do have some amongst us that are doing it right. Take some time to reflect now if you are a parent and ask yourself if you did everything you could to help your child in his education. Did you fight the hard fight or did you tire of the effort after a long day's work and give in to you child's wants (possibly to be his friend)? We are not here to be our childrens' friends. Parenting is a hard job.


Yes kill unions altogether especially teacher unions.. if you want to compare wall street, athletes, corporate officers of private companies.. they all have one thing in common.. the Market, not collective bargaining determines their value. And for the most part.. and we all agree not in all cases.. they are valued base on what they bring to the table (profits, market value, and how many seats they fill). While teachers are measure and rewarded by how much time they put behind a desk.. and they get a job for life, and benefits to match..

We spend far more per student than 99.9% of the rest of the world.. yet we fall behind every year... how is it that our banking, sports, entertainment, retail, technology... you name it.. out perform the rest of the world? its not because they have tenure...


How many children does he work with? Why is that the further you move away from children the more you make?

Kathleen Norris

Now add all those amounts together and it is still LESS than one NBA player's salary.

What is wrong with THAT picture??????


Lets put this into context. The NEA represents a huge chunk of the k12 education industry. That's it. That's what represents the interests of k12 to congress. Now lets compare these campaign expenditures to wall street and other industries. THAT would be realistic and responsible. And a salary of $397K is supposed to be outrageous? I don't like it but it seems like chump change compared to what many in private industry are getting. So what is the alternative? Break up the unions and have no k12 representation in congress? Sounds like a corporate wet dream. Just open up the pork barrel spigot for investors and other CEOs of private education companies and I bet $397K will seem quaint 10 years from now.

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