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January 11, 2011



Most of the Asian countries are practicing more in family values and having a strict policies when it comes to parenting.

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It's great to share all this information for parenthood.


I wish more Americans sounded like Jennifer, but sadly I think not. America is full of great, well-rounded, smart people, and also full of lazy, do you best, scared people. I was raised by my mother alone, for my father was a drug dealer and my mother got me away from that before I understood, but lead a life of welfare and Mr. Rogers which I thank that we had, but I pay for now that I am older and have a hard time being self relying. I think another reason China does better in parenting is from both parents raising the child. I think the US has more single mothers with no or crappy boyfriends raising children. I mean, I could put this in other words, but I think it will come out the same any way you say it.Families are not as important in America as they were 50 years ago. Not to say this is all the problems, but I think it explains alot. Feel free to debate.

Jennifer G. Ruby, Esq.

I suppose if not anything else, the book can provide food for thought. I was blessed to be "gifted" as a student, and I excelled in the math and sciences. I also lost my father when I was 5 years old, which I think has caused me to be an overachiever because I don't know when my journey will end and I want to cram EVERYTHING in. And, as an X-gen postulating the end of the world with wars, Nostradamus prophecies, and Y2K caused me to be well-rounded in anticipation of survival. But the world didn't end. Now, I am a lawyer/entrepreneur/nonprofit/mother. I may be one of the American exceptions rather than the rule. As I look at my 3.5 year old daughter and contemplate bringing another child into the world, I know there are things that they must learn like swimming, self-defense/martial arts, managing money, some form of music for creativity, a vocation/trade/profession, and overall self-sufficiency. I also know that I will do my best not to tear them down or to control them too tightly because some lessons are best learned by doing and failing - for some lessons that is a necessity. People forget how fundamental failure is for future success. Failure is how we all learned as children - to walk, eat, etc. But, play is another important component to learning - experimenting, imagining, succeeding, excelling, and failing. The bottom line for me is that there are a lot of different ways to parent. But, celebrating mediocrity and absentee parenting are not in MY game plan.

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