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February 25, 2011


Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Good questions, does make you wonder where all the money is going. My state, Kansas spends between 8,000-9,000 per student depending on the district. We have our share of problem too, but wow!!

Ray Dewar

It is unfortunate that we all know that the money does not go where it should. I live in Worcester, MA, and while I happily support anything to help raise student achievement, I know that too much of the money we spend in tax dollars and state support never gets near a classroom.

I also am principal of a Norton High School in Massachusetts. We do not get the $16,000 per student that goes to your school in DC. In fact, we get a lot less per student than most schools in MA. However, because of the diligence of the voters in voting down all tax increases, and because our district's spending on all things administrative is exceedingly low, most of our money does go into the classroom in terms of teachers, texts and technology.

However, do note that I have had the privilege of doing my share of painting, picking up, repairing and volunteering. I don't mind when I do it because then I do know that the money we save from this and by turning out the lights better does go into things that can imporve student performance.

Love your stuff. Thanks.
Ray Dewar

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