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March 30, 2011



India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire
Here's an article from the Wall Street about India's college graduates which seems to fly in the face of what you are purporting to be true.

tony jones

Tony Jones, Freelance Writer...
I've been covering the schools issue for the Tri-State Defender, the city's African American weekly, and this is a perfect example of what's really at stake here, this city, and this nation, seems to be giving up on the notion that education is for everyone. It's really very scary, as if the the nation is reverting back to its origins, which was for the protection of the rich. The potato blight in Ireland was nothing compared to the couch potato syndrome this country is suffering. It's the conundrum of our times, this is the closest we've ever been to the ideal all of us were raised on, and it's going to slip through our hands through sheer laziness.

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