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April 24, 2011



I'm a 28yr old,Female,Indian Software Engineer.I watched some of your videos.The way you potrayed Indian education is mostly true.We work hard throughout our school and college to get to where we are.

BUT the downside is that we do it forcibly and out of fear.We are not allowed to think freely and creatively.When I was in highschool,I never thought like these Finnish kids-"Do what you love and do not bother about money".

Investing on your creative talents has a 50-50 chance of success.But investing on your education has a 100% chance of success.And success is equal to money for most of our Indians.What would be the mind-set for my next generation will largely depend on us.Do we again force them to go to other countries to takeup routine jobs for fat paychecks?Do we allow them to be in their own country and become great entrepreneurs and great inventors?

I don't have an answer right now.

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